Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area


Need A Job and Find Yourself Without A Home? 

The CHANCE program provides an opportunity for people experiencing homelessness to find and retain employment.  We find that we can do this through completion of 80 hours of employment skills training to help prepare for the job search and support is provided through individualized case management while job searching and for employment retention.  Here is a Success Story  Looking for resources now! Pocket Pal or Pocket Pal, Español and SW MO Housing Options.

Why Choose US?  We have an 85% re-employment success rate!

Contact NOW!  CHANCE or call: 627-2015. 

 Five Focus Areas:

  • 80 hour employment skills training 
  • Work experience or volunteer opportunities to build on strengths
  • Employment
  • Job Retention                                       
  • Continue to work and follow-up with their success or identify additional goals