Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

Intake Assessment and Referral

Intake Assessment and Referral (IAR) is one of the most basic services that Community Action Agencies offer.  A full intake assessment is a series of questions regarding housing, employment, education, food, income and health. It gives the Outreach Worker a better picture of the family’s situation so appropriate referrals to programs can be given. Information is given to the family on what services they might be interested in and how to apply for those services. Referrals are provided for programs the agency offers as well as programs and services that are available in the community.

For more information on how to set up an appointment for assistance please call your local Outreach office.

Joplin: 417-781-0352

Neosho: 417-451-2206

Anderson: 417-845-6011

Lamar: 417-682-5591

Outreach Success

A woman with an adult daughter who is blind, have been told for years they were only entitled to $16 a month in Food Stamps. The mother goes without eating so she can feed her daughter. The daughter will only eat certain foods due to their texture relating to her blindness. Pam, an Outreach Worker in Economic Security Corporation’s office in Lamar, connected the family with The Independent Living Center for assistance with her SNAP case (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). After having her case reviewed she learned she was entitled to $198 in Food Stamps each month. She was almost in tears when she called to let Pam know how much more assistance she was able to get for her family. These connections are possible because of well trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated employees.