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REALL Simulation


  • Did you know that a high school dropout will earn $1 million less than a college graduate over his or her lifetime, and $200,000 less than a high school graduate, according to the U.S. Census?
  • Economic Security Corporation works alongside our neighbors from all walks of life, and we wanted to help our teenage community avoid the need for our assistance in the future. That’s why we work in partnership with school districts to provide a REALL  experience! Youth need to get real about their future and the expectations of life.
  • REALL is for grades 7th through 12th. It’s an active, hands-on experience that challenges teens to think critically about their lives through simulation of a reactive life and a proactive life.

REALL Simulation Upcoming Date:  May 8th:  Lamar School -- Looking for Volunteers!  For more information:  contact Pam Judd.


Participants must simulate the life of someone who has made negative decisions, such as legal trouble or inadequate education.

They may face a number of difficulties:

  • Difficulty finding and maintaining employment
  • Hardship affording bills and life expenses
  • Frustration
  • High stress
  • Strained relationships


REALL SIMULATION: The Proactive Life

Participants then simulate the life of someone who has made positive decisions, such as avoidance of legal issues and pursuit of higher education.

They may experience many benefits:

  • Living wage employment
  • Making enough income to afford housing
  • Making enough income to afford childcare
  • Money to enjoy hobbies and interests



When finished simulating the two lives, students gather into small groups to reflect on the experience.

  • They are challenged to compare and contrast the two lives
  • Participants draw conclusions about how their present is an important piece of their future

Young participants are expected to pull from their REALL experiences to make proactive choices, so they may know self-sufficiency in adulthood.


REALL SIMULATION:  How To Get Involved!

Learn more about the Reality Enrichment And Life Lessons project, including how you can host this at your school or group, how to volunteer, or how to purchase a REALL kit.