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REALL Simulatoin

REALL stands for Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons. Simulations allow youth the opportunity to see what it is like in the real world. REALL is an interactive situation designed to offer up to 60 children at a time a true life experience. They must make many decisions that we as adults face every day.  It demonstrates how choices and decisions made in adolescence may have consequences in adulthood.

Research has shown that poor choices made in one’s youth may lead to substance abuse, school failure, and delinquency, just to mention a few. Students participating in the REALL simulation will experience this reactive scenario and then be given the opportunity of a proactive lifestyle. In this scenario all of the students have graduated high school, many have gone to college and all have jobs. Following the simulation youth debrief in small groups with a facilitator. Discussion includes comparing and contrasting the two life experiences. Facilitators help make connections on how the decisions students make will affect their futures.


Our desired outcome is to educate youth in making good decisions, like staying in school.


If you are interested in hosting a simulation please contact us by email or phone: 

Pam Judd     417-682-5591

Robin Smith     417-627-2033

Tammy Walker     417-627-2016