Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

Dollar-Help Utility Assistance

Spire's Dollar-Help Utility Assistance helps low-income households maintain their primary source of home heat to help them stay warm in the winter.

  • Primary source of home heat is the existing system as designed and permanently installed to provide the central source of heating to the home.


  1. The household must apply and be qualified for Missouri's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  2. The household must be in a crisis with their primary source of home heat.
  3. A crisis exists when the service is terminated or in threat of being terminated.

How to Apply:

If you have already received LIHEAP (Energy Assistance application) at your current address, you can:

  1. Dropbox:  Want to drop off your application at any of our Community Development locations:  Lamar, Anderson, Neosho and Joplin
  2. Mail: Your utility bill to Economic Security Corporation of SW Area (ESC),  Attn:  Energy Assistance/Dollar-Help,  P.O. Box 207, Joplin, MO 64802
  3. Fax: Your utility bill with a cover page:  To:  ESC's Energy Assistance/Dollar-Help,  fax number:  (417) 781-2011
  4. Call: (417) 781-0352, press 4 or extension 515.
  5. Email: and scan or take a picture of your application, email line: Dollar-Help" and requested documentation.

If you have not applied for or been qualified for LIHEAP at your current address,  click here to make an application.