Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

Why Work at Economic Security Corporation (ESC)?

Enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives! Have high energy and dedicated individual who values the ability to improve quality of life for low income individuals and families!

If you answered yes to both of these statements, then ESC is perfect for you!!

At this time, Smart phone access to our online application will not process correctly. To apply online, please use a computer or tablet for the best results. 

Economic Security Corporation's Current Positions Available:


Early Head Start Teacher Aide - (FT) $12.00

Head Start Bus Driver - (PT) $12.00

Head Start Classroom Safety Monitor - (PT) $12.00

Head Start Area Maintenance Worker - (FT) $12.00

Head Start Floating Teacher - (FT) $15.00-$19.80, depending on degree

Head Start Floating Teacher Aide - (FT) $12.00

Head Start Teacher Aide - (FT) $12.00


Carl Junction

No Openings


Early Head Start Teacher - (FT) $14.40 -$ 19.80, depending on degree

Early Head Start Floating Teacher Aide - (FT) $12.00


No Openings


Head Start Janitor - Midtown (PT) $12.00

Early Head Start Teacher Aide - Midtown (PT) $12.00


Head Start Cook - North Joplin (FT) $12.00

Head Start Floating Family Resource Specialist - North Joplin (FT) $14.32

Head Start Floating Teacher Aide- North Joplin (FT) $12.00


Head Start Bus Driver - South Joplin (FT) $12.00

Head Start Teacher - South Joplin (FT) $15.00-$19.80, depending on degree

Head Start Teacher Aide- South Joplin (FT) $12.00


Housing Case Manager - Joplin ESC (FT) $14.32 - $20.05, depending on experience 

Weatherization Crew Chief (FT) $18.35


Head Start Bus Driver - FT $12.00


No Openings


Head Start Teacher - (FT) $14.90 - $19.80, depending on degree


Early Head Start Teacher - (FT) $14.40 - $19.80, depending on degree


No Openings

Webb City

Head Start Bus Driver - (PT) $12.00

Head Start Family Resource Specialist - (PT) $14.32

Head Start Teacher- (FT) $15.00 - $19.80, depending on degree

Head Start Teacher Aide- (FT) $12.00


     To see full Job Description, please see "Job Descriptions" under Employment.

** Online application can be found here, a downloadable .pdf form of the application can be found here. Please attempt the online employment application first before using the downloadable .pdf form.

ESC is an equal opportunity employer that will not discriminate based on race, color, age, creed, religion, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

ESC is committed to employing and retaining a highly qualified and energetic workforce.

All applicants selected for employment at ESC must pass a criminal background screening and screening for child abuse and neglect as required by agency policy.  Some positions require applicants to pass a pre-employment drug screen.  All Head Start and Early Head Start positions require a physical and TB risk assessment to be completed.  Some positions require you to obtain a CDL Driver’s License to drive a small bus for the Head Start program.