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Health and Nutrition



When Children Are Physically Healthy They Are Ready To Learn.

 As a participant in Head Start and Early Head Start, your child and your family will be supported in receiving preventative health care. Your child and your family will learn the importance of and how to take caredental of your health and your body. Services include helping you gain access to medical and dental providers, health literacy information, and individualized referrals based on your requests.  We can assist with transportation to medical and dental appointments in order to help you and your child stay up-to-date on preventative care.  Our classrooms offer daily physical activity (including time on our playgrounds), tooth brushing, music and movement, healthy meals and snacks, and dramatic play areas set up to learn about staying healthy.  If you are in our prenatal option, we want to assist you with accessing regular prenatal care and connecting with resources recommended by your obstetrician. 




wash hands

brush teeth