Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

Welcome to the Housing Choice Voucher Program!


What is a Housing Choice Voucher?

The Housing Choice Voucher  is operated by Jasper County Public Housing Agency (JCPHA) sometimes called simply HCV or Section 8, can provide monthly rental assistance to people struggling to meet their basic needs.  In general, a household would not pay more than 30% of their monthly income toward rent while the HCV program would pay the difference.  As long as the rent is considered reasonable and the house passes a required inspection, families are free to choose a home that meets their needs.  The home must also be within the service area of the Jasper County Public Housing Agency, within Barton, Jasper, Newton or McDonald Counties that is outside the city limits of Joplin.

How am I eligible?

To be eligible your gross household income (before taxes) must fall below an amount established by HUD and updated annually.  Household income includes wages, social security, disability, money from odd jobs or even the amount of your bills that someone else may be paying for you. You can check the forms and documents tab for the Income Limits to see if you are income eligible. Remember, once you apply for assistance and your application is accepted you will still have to complete a pre-eligiblity appointment before a voucher is issued to you to confirm eligibility. 

What is the wait time for rental assistance?

The wait time for most applicants is approximately 1-2 months from the time you submit an application to when applicants are called in for their pre-eligibility meeting.