Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

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Press Release Announcing New Water Assistance Program

New Water Assistance Program

March 21, 2022

Water Assistance Program Press Release.

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Free COVID-19 Test Kits?

Order Yours Today

February 14, 2022

Get Your Free COVID-19 Tests (up to 4 per household) each month.

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Give to Our Sister Agency Mayfield, KY

Pay It Forward Joplin!

December 20, 2021

Most of you will never forget May 22, 2011...Now one of our own, sister Community Action Agencies, has suffered a similiar fate! F4 tornado hit Southern Kentucky, especially hard hit was Mayfield, KY. The CAP agency in Mayfield was leveled. Let's help out Mayfield. If you are able, please give directly to them via this link set-up by the State of Kentucky's State Community Action Partnersh

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State Registration Website for The COVID-19 Vaccination

Statewide Vaccination Registration and Information

February 19, 2021

Help Missouri residents sign up for the COVID-19 vaccination. This is Missouri's Statewide Vaccination Registration on-line or toll-free number: Registration and Information

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